The Learn Academy’s Excursion to Madrid


Recently, TLA students and teachers went on a historical, gastronomical and adventurous excursion to Madrid! We took the train from Sants station straight to Madrid and made our way to our hotel, located right near Plaça del Sol. Bags were left in our hotel rooms and we then ventured out on a walking tour around Madrid. We hit all of the main sites including The Royal Palace and Plaza Mayor and heard fascinating stories about Royal life in Spain dating back many generations. That night we went to sample the local cuisine Madrid had to offer and stopped off for Churros on our way home. Delicious!

The following day, we visited the Prado Museum, had lunch at the San Miguel Market and finished the day with a tour of the Royal Palace. Next, the students (and teachers!) enjoyed some free time around the centre of Madrid. Some of the students went shopping, others went to Plaza Major to try a calamari bocadillo and the teachers went on a very exciting, undercover mission to find myserteous cookies homemade by local nuns. Monasterio Del Corpus Christi is where cloistered nuns sell homemade cookies at their monastery for locals and tourists to enjoy. After getting slightly lost in the backstreet alleys of Madrid, the teachers discovered the entrance to the monastery and filled with anticipation, rang the doorbell. The door opened. There were no signs or people to offer directions. The teachers followed the path through a courtyard and down a hallway to where there was a wooden wheel and a price list. From behind the wooden wheel, a nun asked the teachers what they wanted, the teachers placed the money on the wooden wheel and around spun their box of cookies. What an experience!

That evening we enjoyed a delicious meal and many laughs together at a local restaurant. Churros may or may not have been consumed for a second night in a row. The following day we said goodbye to Madrid and headed back to Barcelona.

We love going on trips and exploring new places together as a school. We feel these experiences compliment our regular programme and help foster a life long love of learning. As we’re a small group we can do activities like this and create memories that will last a life time!

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