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Why Choose a British School in Barcelona?


British School Barcelona:

Why choose a British School in Barcelona, when there are so many schools to select from? It’s no secret that a British Education is synonymous with quality. The GCSE and A Level curriculums are highly valued by universities and employers globally because of their rigour, broad subject content and encouragement of critical thinking skills. In addition, the British curriculum encourages independent learning skills, self motivation, organisation and collaborative skills.

Let’s examine some of the benefits of attending a British School in Barcelona.

Flexibility of Subject Choices:

The International A Levels offers a wide choice of subjects including: physics, chemistry, biology, languages such as Spanish and French, English Literature and Language, business, economics, accounting, psychology, law, geography, history, IT and more. And the best part? Students choose the subjects they want to study as there are no compulsory units. This means students can focus on the subjects that they enjoy and are good at. We find that allowing students to choose subjects that they want to study, leads to higher levels of engagement and therefore, better results!

British Schools and University Options:

A Levels are a world renewed qualification accepted by universities globally. At The Learn Academy, it is very important to us that our  students have the option of studying globally. International A Levels are accepted by universities in The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Australia, Amsterdam, Germany, Spain, China, Hong Kong and many other countries. You can find an extensive list of universities accepting the International A Levels on the Pearson Edexcel website.

Flexible Exam Schedules: 

As a British School in Barcelona, The Learn Academy offers the international version of the British A Levels. The international version is considered as equivalent to the standard version offered in England, but is studied at international schools. One of the benefits of the international A Levels, is that the exams are spread across two years. Students can also complete their exams across the year in January, May or October. Re sit options are also available for students who want to aim for a higher grade.

If you are interested in finding out more about the GCSEs or A Levels, please reach out to our director to organise an appointment.

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