Preparing for Prestigious Universities: Insights from King’s College Fly-In


Navigating the university admissions process can be complex and overwhelming, with different systems and requirements worldwide. From the UCAS system in the UK to the Common Application in the US, each country presents its unique challenges. At The Learn Academy Barcelona, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance to help our students successfully navigate these complexities and secure places at top-tier universities globally.


Recently, Jordi Bonet, our head university counsellor, attended a counsellor fly-in program at King’s College London. This initiative provided Jordi with firsthand insights into one of the world’s leading universities, equipping him with valuable information to better prepare our students for their applications to prestigious institutions like King’s College. Here, Jordi will explore the details of the King’s admissions process and share his expert tips for aspiring applicants.


Meet Jordi: Your College Counsellor 


Hello! My name is Jordi Bonet, and I am the head university counsellor at The Learn Academy. With several years of experience guiding students through the university application process, I am passionate about helping students reach their full potential. Our commitment at TLA is to become the leading pre-university school in Europe by providing exceptional support and resources for our students.


As part of this commitment, I recently attended a special counsellor fly-in program at King’s. 

The counsellor fly-in program is a new initiative whereby UK universities “fly in” counsellors from all over the globe in a bid to encourage applications from international students. This visit allowed me to gain unique insights into life at one of the world’s top universities and gather information to enhance our guidance program. With a history of sending students to King’s College, our participation in such initiatives ensures that we continue to offer our students the best advice and support for their university applications.


Overview of King’s College London


King’s College London is one of England’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Located in the heart of London, King’s offers students a unique opportunity to integrate their higher education with the vibrant life of the city. As a member of the esteemed Russell Group, King’s is among the UK’s highest-ranking universities, consistently placed in the top 40 globally. Notably, the university’s medicine program is ranked among the top 20 worldwide.


At TLA, we understand the importance of choosing the right university. Our students benefit from our extensive knowledge and resources, ensuring they are well-prepared to apply to prestigious institutions like King’s College.


King’s Facilities and Student Support: 


One of the standout features of King’s College London is its impressive range of facilities and support services, which I was lucky enough to explore during my visit. King’s motto, “London is our classroom,” truly reflects the extensive resources available to students. From state-of-the-art laboratories to world-class libraries like the British Library, King’s provides an enriching academic environment. 


King’s also ensures student well-being with dedicated support teams, extensive career services, and over 500 student societies. These resources help students balance academic pursuits with personal growth and professional development. Additionally, King’s guarantees accommodation for first-year students and offers shared halls with other London universities for subsequent years.


In our students’ final years we emphasise the importance of utilising such facilities and support systems to enhance their’ university experience. We guide our students in making the most of these opportunities, preparing them for both academic success and personal development.


Advice for Students Interested in Applying to King’s


Applying to a prestigious university like King’s College London requires careful preparation and a strong application. King’s has rigorous entry requirements, most courses require 3 As at A Level or higher. Prospective students should focus on achieving high grades, particularly in relevant subjects.


Beyond academic excellence, King’s values well-rounded students who demonstrate passion and commitment in their personal statements and teacher references. Participation in extracurricular activities, such as those offered at TLA, can significantly enhance an application. We provide numerous opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, engage in community service, and pursue their interests, all of which are crucial for creating a compelling personal statement.


TLA also encourages students to consider specialised programs like the King’s International Foundation Programme or the Pre-University Summer School. These programs offer valuable preparation for university study and can give students a competitive edge in the admissions process. Our guidance program includes support for crafting personal statements, preparing for entrance exams, and mastering interview techniques, ensuring our students are well-prepared for all aspects of the application process. 


How to Apply to King’s College

The application process for King’s College, like all British universities, is managed through the UCAS system. UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is a centralised platform for both domestic and international students to apply to UK higher education courses. At TLA, we begin our university guidance program early, providing students with comprehensive support throughout the application process.


Our guidance program includes various sessions to introduce students to different application processes worldwide. We help students with research, share our experiences, and offer one-on-one sessions to make informed decisions about their futures. Our support includes crafting personal statements, preparing for entrance exams and interviews, and ensuring timely submission of applications. TLA’s comprehensive preparation program has a proven track record of success, helping students gain admission to top universities globally.


We also emphasise the importance of teacher references, which should support the personal statement by highlighting the student’s academic abilities and personality traits. Our counsellors work closely with students to ensure their applications reflect their strengths and aspirations accurately.


The recent fly-in at King’s College London was an invaluable experience for me and the university guidance team at TLA. Such events enhance our knowledge and expertise, enabling us to provide our students with the best possible guidance for accessing top courses at universities worldwide. TLA’s commitment to excellence in education ensures our students are well-prepared for their future academic endeavours. 


Discover how TLA can help your child achieve their academic goals and secure a place at prestigious universities like King’s College London. Contact us! 


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