Contingency Plan


The invigilator must take the following action in the event of an emergency, such as a fire alarm or bomb alert: Evacuate the test room in accordance with the instructions given by the appropriate on-site authority. Candidates are to remain under “exam conditions” throughout the evacuation, supervised, candidates are not to talk and must be kept segregated. Ensure that all question papers and scripts are left in the test room. Ensure that the candidates are supervised as closely as possible while they are out of the testing room to avoid cheating. Note the time and duration of the interruption. Allow the candidates the full working time prescribed for the test. If there is a small number of candidates, they can be taken (with question papers and scripts) to another place in order to complete the test. Make a full report of the incident and of the action taken for direct submission to Pearson at

Call Pearson and ask for advice. Be ready to alter the timetable and exam start times accordingly

Extreme Weather or Similar Situatiions

In the case of extreme weather conditions that prevent students from arriving, or arriving on time, the center will contact Pearson at immediately to determine steps to take. It may be a case that it is possible to take the exams at a slightly adjusted time, given approval from Pearson. If this is not the case, our centre will wait to hear about the necessary procedures from Pearson.

Late Entrants

Centres may accept late entrants on the day of the test if there are any test materials left after they have been distributed to the already registered candidates. However, requests for extra test materials to cover potential late entrants will be declined.

Absence of test takers

If a candidate is absent from a test due to illness or misfortune, Pearson will give the candidate the chance to take the test in the next scheduled test session. Please email Pearson if such a situation arises at this email address: If a candidate becomes ill or has to leave during the test due to exceptional circumstances, a “Request for Special Consideration Form”, together with a medical certificate where appropriate, should be submitted to Pearson. This form can be found on the PTE website in the Resources section.

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