What is the criteria for admission?

At TLA, we look carefully through each child’s application. We look for motivated learners with solid academic transcripts and strong English language skills. We do not stipulate specific grade entry requirements, but we do want to see evidence of commitment to learning.

What are GCSEs?

The General Certificate of Secondary Education, or the GCSEs, are the main qualifications taken by 14-16 year olds in the national British curriculum.

The International GCSE qualifications, or the iGCSEs, are equivalent, grade-for-grade, to the UK GCSEs. The iGCSEs are studied in 80 countries around the world, and in many private schools in the UK, and are accepted by universities around the world.

GCSEs are subject-specific qualifications and involve studying the theory of a subject combined with some investigative work. Students ordinarily work towards the GCSEs full-time for two years, although sometimes they can be completed quicker.

What are the A Levels?

The International A-levels are the international version of the UK A-level Qualification. Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Levels (IAL) are globally recognised qualifications that open doors to top universities worldwide. It is the final school qualification, usually taken by students 16 – 18 years.


Edexcel International Advanced Level qualifications are recognised by many leading universities in the UK and internationally. You can find the growing list of universities accepting these qualifications on the Edexcel IAL university recognition list and the Edexcel IAL university recognition guide.

WHERE WILL OUR STUDENTS TAKE EXAMS?                                   

As we are a learning center and not a registered British School, our students will sit their International IA Level Exams at a registered testing center in Barcelona. This could be at a school such as the Olive Tree School in Sitges or at the British Council in Sant Gervasi.                  

SUBJECTS AND EXAMS               

Students can take up to four A Levels, with most universities requiring a minimum of three.

Our students will sit their exams in May/ June each year. This is a two year qualification, with exams occurring at the end of the first year and then again at the end of the second year. A student’s final grade in each subject is comprised of the marks awarded after exams in both the first and second year of the qualification.

What grade levels does LA admit?

LA caters for students 15 years and over.

This translates to years 11, 12 and 13 in the British curriculum, which is the same as grades 10, 11 and 12 in the American curriculum. In some cases, we may be able to accept students in year 10 in the British system (grade 9 in the American curriculum), as they will be working towards the same GCSE exams as the grade above.

What subjects do you offer at GCSE?

Our GCSE students study the following subjects:

  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Combined Science which counts as two GCSE subjects (biology, chemistry and physics)
  • Spanish

Students also study the following, but don’t sit the exams in these subjects:

  • Business
  • Drama
  • Creative arts. This changes throughout the year and includes activities such as ceramics, drawing classes and pottery spinning
  • Physical education. This changes throughout the year and includes activities such as surfing, martial arts, yoga, pilates, personal training and tennis.
  • History
  • Geography

Why are you assessing six subjects at GCSE level?

  • Most universities around the world require students to have obtained a minimum of 5 GCSEs, including mathematics, English and science. As our GCSE course is only one year long, rather than the standard two years, we offer six subjects to ensure students are set up to succeed. In the event that students would like to take additional subjects, this can be discussed.
What subjects do you offer at A-level?

We offer the following subjects at A-level, depending on student preferences. All of these subjects will not always be available each year, but we do our best to offer a wide selection.

  • Spanish
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Biology, physics and chemistry
  • Art and design: photography
  • Art and design: fine art 
  • Business
  • Economics 
  • Psychology
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • History
Do students wear uniforms?

No, we do not require our students to wear uniforms.

Is there a meal service?

No, we do not currently provide a meal service. Students are encouraged to bring a packed lunch or to buy something on their break from a cafe nearby. We are located in the centre of Barcelona and surrounded by shops! We have a big shopping centre, L’illa across the street, Starbucks one block away and a caffe right next door. 

Do you offer an after school programme?

Yes, we offer after school activities. Please see the timetable of activities here (with a link to the high school tutoring timetable).

We also offer after school activities to our students, included in the tuition price. These activities vary throughout the year, but typically include:

  • Coding
  • Art
  • Debating
  • Homework club
What languages are offered?

All classes will be delivered in English. We also offer Spanish classes to our students.  Spanish classes are divided into two levelled groups. We can offer other languages, such as French, if we have student interest.

Can my child start at any time throughout the year?

This depends on the individual child and what curriculum they have been studying. This can be discussed on a case to case basis, but yes, it is possible to start throughout the school year.

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