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School Fees

Fees can be paid over 10 monthly installments, or a discount is offered for advanced payments

School Fees

Admissions for the 2024-2025 academic year are now open. Please contact us to organise an admissions meeting to start the enrolment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Options (SEPA - monthly transfers or advanced payment)

Payment options:

  1. 2% discount for advanced payment by September 15th each year. The discount is applied to the balance of 14,800€, making the total fee 14,504€.
  2. Monthly payment (SEPA): via direct debit (10 monthly instalments from September – June)
  3. Four yearly instalments:

Payment 1: Due on September 1: 4,440€ 

Payment 2: Due on November 1: 4,440€ 

Payment 3: Due on February 1: 4,440€  

Payment 4: Due on May 1: 1,480€

*There may be one off payments like excursions or exam fees that are added to instalments

Payment policy

At The Learn Academy, it is important to us that we provide a quality education to all of our students. This requires the timely payment of school fees by parents or guardians responsible for the student’s account. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and in such cases, we encourage parents to communicate with us so that we can work together to find a solution.

In the event that all school fees are not paid by the due dates, The Learn Academy will take the following steps:

  • If paying monthly, fees should be paid by the 6th calendar day each month.
  • Within 30 calendar days after the due date, we will communicate in writing to the parent or guardian responsible for the student’s account about the outstanding debt.
  • After 60 calendar days a 10% late fee will be applied to the outstanding balance.
  • We reserve the right to suspend the student from classes until outstanding payments have been settled. 
  • We reserve the right to not re-enroll students who have an outstanding balance at the end of the school year.
  • Outstanding debts may be referred to The Learn Academy’s legal counsel.
Sibling Discount

Sibling discount:

1,000€ discount applied off combined fees when paid in advance

For example, two students’ total yearly fees (minus the matriculation fee) would be 28,200€. The discount would be 1,000€, making the payment 27,200€ for both students 


Withdrawing a Student: Notice Period

Three months’ written notice must be provided to TLA if a student will no longer continue attending. If less than this period of notice is provided, these months’ will still be invoiced.

In the case of advanced payment: we will refund any outstanding months that a student will not attend. However, if three months’ notice was not provided, these months will be included in the fees owing and will therefore not be refunded.
In addition, the discount for advanced payment will no longer be honoured if a refund is being processed. Therefore, the amount owing will be calculated on the full monthly tuition fee of 1,410EUR per month.

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