Mission and Vision


TLA’s Mission 


Championing personal and academic excellence, cultural competence, and social responsibility in a supportive and inclusive learning environment to empower students to become global citizens who make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world.


TLA’S Vision


To be Europe’s leading innovative pre-university college, inspiring and developing autonomous and ambitious young people who navigate the world through critical thinking, empathy and creativity.

Guided Pathways: Tailored university counseling ensures each student navigates their academic journey confidently, whether pursuing higher education or entering the workforce.

Global Impact: Through collaborative projects and international initiatives, we nurture global citizenship, empowering students to make a positive difference locally and globally.

Diverse Learning: From arts to sciences, our programs foster exploration, encouraging students to excel in their passions while achieving academic excellence.

Inspired Teaching: Our educators inspire and support students, cultivating a love for learning and providing the guidance needed for success.

Empowering Leaders: In an inclusive environment celebrating diversity, we foster empathetic leaders who champion integrity, ensuring every voice is heard and valued in shaping a brighter future.

Continuous Professional Development: We prioritise the development of our staff through comprehensive training and ongoing education, ensuring they are equipped with the latest knowledge and expertise to effectively support your child’s academic journey.

University Partnerships: TLA continues to prioritise strong connections with esteemed universities worldwide provide your child with invaluable resources and guidance as they navigate their path towards higher education.

Student Support: Enhance our student support services to address the holistic needs of students, including academic, social, emotional, and mental health support, ensuring every student receives the care and assistance they need to thrive.

Student Leadership Development: Continue to promote student leadership development programs that empower students to take ownership of their learning, develop essential leadership skills, and become active contributors to their school and community.

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On the Blog

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