Our Programme

Embark on a journey of academic excellence in Barcelona with The Learn Academy’s comprehensive A Level programme, designed to cater to global standards and tailored for success.

Our curriculum aligns with international benchmarks, offering a seamless transition into universities worldwide. Click here to see the universities globally that accept the International A Levels.

A Levels – Pathway to Global Universities:

The International A Levels (IALs), recognised as an equivalent to the UK A-level qualification and the International Baccalaureate (IB), stand as the pinnacle of our program. Administered by Pearson Edexcel, this globally recognized qualification opens doors to top universities worldwide. Our A Level Programme is designed for students from 16-19 years of age.

Key highlights of our A-level program:
  • Choice and flexibility: Students can opt for up to four A-levels, with a minimum of three usually required by most universities.
  • Exam structure: Students sit exams in May/June each year, with opportunities for resits in October and January if needed.
  • Duration: A two-year qualification, with exams occurring at the end of both the first and second years. The final grade reflects performance across both years.
Key facts about the international A Levels:
  • Students can take up to four A-levels, with most universities requiring a minimum of three
  • Students sit exams in May/ June each year. There may be opportunities in October and January to re sit papers if students are not satisfied with their grades
  • This is a two year qualification, with exams occurring at the end of the first year and again at the end of the second year. 
  • A student’s final grade in each subject consists of the marks awarded after exams in both the first and second year of the qualification. Passing grades range from an A*, through to an E.

Ideal for students who:

Our programme is ideal for students who:

Want to learn in an environment with engaging and dedicated teachers and be surrounded by other learners who value their education
Those desiring to select subjects that cater to their unique interests & strengths, rather than being limited to pre-chosen subjects from blocks 

Individuals who thrive in a non-traditional setting that respects students as young adults, offering privileges like off-site study periods.

Those who benefit from smaller class sizes and personalised assistance tailored to their individual needs.

Students who aspire to progress to university or directly enter the workforce, recognising and accommodating diverse pathways.

The Grade Levels 

This first year of preparation towards the international A-level qualifications is called the AS-level certificate. The AS-level year constitutes 50% of the final qualification and will be awarded after external examinations in May/June. Grades are 100% exam based, with no coursework.

This is the final year of study towards the A-levels. This year constitutes the final 50% of the qualification. The A-levels will be awarded after external examinations in May/June. Grades are 100% exam based, with no coursework.

Daily Life at TLA


The Learn Academy follows the Catalan academic calendar, running from September to June and broken into 3 terms. 


  • The school day commences promptly at 8:50 am and concludes at 4:15 pm.
  • Throughout the day, there are 5 class periods, each lasting 1 hour and 25 minutes.
  • Compulsory school hours are from 10 am to 3 pm. During this time, students must either attend classes, utilise study rooms on campus, or study outside or in a local cafe.
  • Each day at 10 am, students must be on campus at 10 am daily for a 20-minute form group session, where attendance is taken and safety ensured. Any absences prompt email notifications to parents. Sessions cover topics like mental health, cultural celebrations, and global citizenship projects.
  • Outside of these mandatory hours, students have flexibility to arrive late or depart early from campus.
Study Periods
  • Using the iPads conveniently located near the entrance, students have the option to sign themselves out and study in nearby cafes or outdoor spaces within a designated radius.


  • We encourage students to strike a balance between off-campus study periods and utilising the on-site study rooms to maximise productivity. Study periods play a vital role in A Level preparation, assisting students in effectively managing their homework and study commitments.
Weekly Timetable
  • TLA includes a weekly assembly into the timetable. It is a time where we come together as a school community, share achievements and announcements and present awards to celebrate the achievements of our students.


  • We offer a diverse range of extracurricular activities scheduled through the week, such as Duke of Edinburgh, book club, model United Nations, and various student-led groups.

Hear From Our Students

"The service and dedication they provide is unmatched in Barcelona"

I have been attending classes with the centre’s teachers and worked alongside the Director, Hannah Grech, for over 5 years now. The atmosphere is also excellent and curated well by the teachers who build a trustworthy platform for students to express themselves and relate to others, something that is lacking at other institutions in the city. Would highly recommend the group/personal classes as well as the full time A level program as I have really enjoyed and benefited working so closely with their teachers.

"I can comfortably say it is the best school in Barcelona by a long shot"

I’ve been attending this school for 2 years now, and I can comfortably say it is the best school in Barcelona by a long shot. The teachers are all excellent, they provide a warm, safe, and fun learning environment for students, they all excel at teaching their respective courses in a dynamic manner ( my favourite probably being English) . Additionally, the overall vibe of the school is incredibly warm and welcoming, all of the students get along really well and it creates a really great environment, the class sizes create a very cozy and close knit environment that make even classes about difficult or less interesting topics incredibly entertaining. It’s evident that the teachers really care about the overall health and well-being of their students, not just their grades.  As a student who has lived in Barcelona for over 5 years and has been to a variety of different schools, this is by far the best one in BCN. The director, Hannah grech, has done an amazing job running this wonderful school.

"A truly unique experience"

After graduating from The Learn Academy I took a gap year to travel and gain work experience, however I will be attending university for my undergraduate studies in September 2024 in the UK. I was accepted to both the University of Glasgow or Edinburgh. I will be studying a joint honours degree in Philosophy and Mathematics.

During my time at TLA and within a smaller school community, we as students had a lot more opportunity to communicate one on one with teachers, which allowed for more curated and efficient study, suited to us individually. This also helped tremendously with exam nerves, as it made me feel more confident in my abilities. Additionally, I really enjoyed the social side of TLA. A small school situated in the city of Barcelona resulted in a truly unique experience, meeting people from all over the world, creating a strong and close community.

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