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Our After-School Program: Tutoring Barcelona is the only tutoring centre for international students in Barcelona. 

Students We've Helped


Repeat Classes

Expert Tutors

We work with ages 6-19

Elementary School

Tutoring Barcelona works with students in small groups or privately to build skills in mathematics and English.

Our tutors are experts in engaging students and fostering a love of learning.

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Middle School

GCSE and A Levels students

Our tutors are here to support students across mathematics, English, essay writing and anything else they need.

We work together with families to meet learning goals.

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High School

Tutoring Barcelona prepare’s students for the IB, GCSEs and A Levels, as well as assisting with in school assessments.

Our tutors also provide SAT support and college/ university application assistance.

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Benefits of after school tutoring

We work closely with students and parents

There are numerous benefits to after school tutoring. Whether it’s consolidating a topic, improving study skills, building a learner’s confidence, or deepening their knowledge beyond their school’s curriculum, our tutors are excited to guide your child on their learning journey. We work closely with students and parents to ensure that our after school classes reflect and build on the topics students are studying in school.

What our Clients are Saying

Hannah is a truly gifted and intelligent teacher who has a genuine talent for teaching from the heart. She has been able to really connect with, and inspire my son. Just one of her many achievements has been to completely reverse his negative self-view concerning his mathematics. He now tells me that he enjoys maths and is good at it, something his results confirm.
When I think back to my own school days there was one, maybe two teachers that really inspired me and I will always remember. Hannah is one of those kinds of teachers.



I have been attending classes with the centre’s teachers for over 5 years now. The service and dedication they provide is unmatched in Barcelona. The atmosphere is also excellent and curated well by the teachers who build a trustworthy platform for students to express themselves and relate to others, something that is lacking at other institutions in the city. Would highly recommend the group/personal classes as well as the full time A level program as I have really enjoyed and benefited working so closely with their teachers.




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