The Learn Academy

Who are We?

Welcome to The Learn Academy (TLA), where students aged 16 to 19 embark on a distinct educational journey.

Unlike other international schools, we focus solely on delivering an exceptional experience tailored for students in their final years of schooling. With a strong emphasis on fostering confidence, achieving academic excellence, and preparing for global university pathways, we pave the way for their successful futures.

How We Started:

A Vision for Academic Excellence

Our journey began with a successful tutoring centre in Barcelona. Recognising the overwhelming demand from students and parents for a full-time program, we decided to channel our skills and commitment to quality education into creating The Learn Academy—a unique pre-university college experience—the only one of its kind in Barcelona.

Founded by Hannah Grech, The Learn Academy emerged with a vision to redefine education in Barcelona, providing teenagers with more than just a traditional learning experience. Everything we do is tailored to this age group, from our centrally located campus to our expert teachers in their respective fields. Our focus on academics is strong, with a focus on creating a learning environment where every student can achieve their own potential and goals.

Our commitment extends beyond academics; we offer a diverse range of extracurricular activities and place a strong emphasis on guiding our students toward their post-school paths. At TLA, we specialise in one thing and one thing only, and we excel at it. Every resource is strategically allocated to ensure our students receive the finest education available.

What makes us different?
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What We Do:

Nurturing Excellence in Teens’ Last Two Years

Empowering Students for Life Beyond School

At The Learn Academy, our mission is clear: to guide students through their crucial last two years of high school, preparing them not just academically, but for life beyond school. Our dedicated team, led by Director Hannah Grech, ensures that every student is seen, heard, and valued.


How We Do It:

Crafting a Transformative Learning Experience

Personalised learning that’s more than just a buzzword

Engaging and Effective Teaching: GCSEs and A Level

Our commitment to academic success is unwavering. Unlike regular schools, we prioritise the individual child. With small class sizes, we transcend the norm, providing students with personalised attention they wouldn’t get elsewhere. This approach fosters an environment where students not only excel academically but also develop the confidence and knowledge essential for success.

Dynamic Programming Beyond Academics

Step into The Learn Academy, and you’ll quickly realise we go beyond the ordinary. No two weeks are the same as we seamlessly blend academics with a variety of extracurricular opportunities. From cooking and arts to sports and community service, our weekly activities complement and support student studies.

The Academy

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